Safe tracking of moving objects

Follow the location of anything you want!
August 28, 2023 by
JoTio Tech s.r.o., Andrea Jonášová

Would you like to keep track of what's going on with your car, motorbike, pet or even your camera? With locators you will be able to find out the current location of any device at any time.

How does it work?

We use locators with long battery life of up to 15 years to track your valuables. The battery life depends on how often you track the device or receive notifications of its movement, i.e. if the device is not moving, it does not send data and the battery lasts longer. The device transmits data over the LoRaWAN network directly to your mobile phone or computer in real time. This allows you to know the exact location of your belongings whenever you want. The app will also alert you with an alarm if your device gets moved. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the locators are also suitable for outdoor use. The advantage of this tracking is that the device communicates on different frequencies than cellular data. This makes the solution resistant to potential signal interference through jammers. If you are in an area with a signal shortage, this situation can be easily resolved with the LoRaWAN gateway.

Areas of application

Car monitoring

The customer's problem

Our customer contacted us because he had purchased a luxury car and would like to keep track of where his car is and be alerted whenever his car is in motion. He also had a requirement that the location system should be independent of the system installed in the car. The customer also knew that he would not travel outside the country with his car.

The Solution

​A Compact Tracker device with the JOTIX platform was installed on his car, which sends him an SMS when his vehicle moves. The alarm has been modified so that the customer does not receive notifications if he is alone in the car. He also has the option to manually deactivate and reactivate the tracking at any time in the Asperiot app, which also records all historical information about the vehicle's location and movement. If he forgets to turn the monitoring back on after driving, the system will reactivate itself after 24 hours of the car being idle.

Valuables location tracking

The customer's problem

The customer is engaged in the provision of audiovisual services. In their work they use valuable equipment that is not too difficult to steal. Unfortunately, he has experience of this situation, when at an event he briefly walked away from his camera, which could no longer be traced. The customer therefore wished to monitor his equipment, requesting a different technology other than GPS, which he had tried previously, but found that if the equipment was inside the building, it was impossible to locate its exact position.

The Solution

A Compact Tracker using LoRaWAN technology has been installed in the camera bag to monitor the exact location of the object, even though it is indoors. The device is configured so that if the equipment is in a static position (i.e. the user has it safely stored in a specific location), it sends notifications of the permanent location at a pre-set interval. The moment the equipment starts to move, it sends an SMS to the mobile device notifying it of the movement. In the event that unexpected movement occurs and the equipment leaves the predefined safe zone, an alarm is immediately issued. If necessary, the user can deactivate the alarm via the Asperiot app. He can also set the location in which he wants his equipment to be secured. In this case, the customer does not use the current location data, but is primarily concerned with notification of changes in the location of the equipment. He would use the real-time location information in case of theft of property or lending the equipment to someone else. To test the functionality of the equipment, the customer conducted an experiment where, with our cooperation, he was able to track the camera to a specific part of a room within a large complex.

What monitoring equipment do we use?

Compact Tracker