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Detektor amoniaku (NH3) a sirovodíku (H2S) se světelným i zvukovým alarmem.
12,725.00 Kč 12725.0 CZK
JoTio 4Sense Pro
Wireless sensor for monitoring temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and movement.
3,630.00 Kč 3630.0 CZK
JoTio A1
Sensor for air quality monitoring. The multifunctional devices of the AX family primarily monitor the air quality in rooms. You are in control of your environment and you can watch your concentration and productivity increase. Likewise, it can keep an eye on your inventory.
9,897.00 Kč 9897.0 CZK
JoTio E1
The multifunctional product of the EX family works in locations with extreme conditions. It allows you to connect a wide range of peripherals and also detects how it has been handled.
7,865.00 Kč 7865.0 CZK
JoTio P1-IO Controller
Control unit for monitoring electronic devices.
12,098.00 Kč 12098.0 CZK
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Mini computer - CPU Broadcom Quad-Core BCM2837 1.2 GHz 64bit, VideoCore IV 3D GPU, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, 4x USB, HDMI, RJ-45, microSD slot
1,200.00 Kč 1200.0 CZK