The Internet of Things, or IoT (Internet of things), is a term that is particularly associated with wireless networks that allow a large number of (especially battery-powered) devices to communicate over long distances. In this course we will take a very intensive and in-depth look at how networks work. We will focus on two technologies.​

 The Czech IQRF technology, which is suitable for local networks.

 The second network is LoRaWAN technology, which can be used to build a network over a large area.

We will show you how to communicate within these networks and how to use them practically. In the end, we will also briefly look at other networks.


  •  LoRaWAN
  •  IQRF from the user's perspective
  •  IQRF from the device manufacturer's perspective

Who is the course intended for?

  •  Technology integrators
  •  Administrators of various systems
  •  Programmers and developers
  •  Teachers (primary, high school)/Students
  •  Handymans
  •  Enthusiasts

What do you need to have before signing up for the course?

  •  Basic knowledge of English
  •  Own PC is an advantage
  •  General knowledge of IT

Course format:

  • Workshop usually takes place in the number of 3-5 people
  • Duration of the course is 4 hours

Course price

CZK 6,000 without VAT