Measuring temperatures in refrigerators with medicines

August 18, 2023 by
JoTio Tech s.r.o., Andrea Jonášová

​Although digitalization is underway in many healthcare facilities, many hospitals are still struggling with too much administrative burden. One of these is checking and recording the temperature in the medicine fridges. Our solution not only enables temperature measurement six times more frequently than manual measurement by staff, but also automated reporting and data visualisation. This will make mandatory monitoring of drug storage conditions easier, more efficient and reduce the administrative burden on staff.

One of the responsibilities of hospitals is the proper storage of medicines and other medicinal products. If medicines are exposed to unsuitable temperatures, they can spoil, fail to perform their function and, in extreme situations, endanger the life of the patient. However, each medicine has its own specific storage conditions. Hospitals therefore have different refrigerators in which they store different types of medicines according to their specific requirements. 

Another responsibility of hospitals is that qualified staff regularly monitor the refrigerators for optimal conditions for medicines. Hospital staff are required to attend the fridge every hour, take a reading from the thermometer, record it in internal documents, record the time and sign the record. The moment the temperature in the fridge does not correspond to the optimal temperature for that fridge, they must address the cause of the problem. This is a time-consuming and administratively burdensome activity for the staff. At the same time, the records are dependent on staff workload and the associated diligence and consistency of the staff member. 

Our solution offers the placement of an electronic thermometer that automatically monitors the temperature in the refrigerator every 10 minutes in the range of -55 to 125 °C. Of course, it generates regular reports for the control authorities. Reporting is usually monthly, but can be set to any time period. Measurement data outputs are supported by many filterable and searchable reports, which facilitates the preparation of data for further analysis. Data transfer is done via a software platform that is used for visualization and data storage in the cloud. Measured data is backed up on two storage devices as standard, with the option to extend the data backup to the client's storage device. The software platform also allows custom labeling of measurement points, buildings, floors, departments and other place names that employees are accustomed to. Logos and colors used by the organization can be customized for easier system integration. The service also includes a mobile app that facilitates the transfer of information and allows users to have a constant overview of the status of the sensors. 

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The solution also includes a beacon that can be placed in any location. The beacon communicates to staff whether the medicines are stored in suitable conditions by means of a three-colour indication. In the case of optimal condition, the light is green. If there is a potential risk, a yellow warning light illuminates. The moment a critical limit is exceeded, an alarm is triggered, the beacon flashes red and an audible alarm is triggered, giving staff immediate awareness that a problem has occurred. The operator has the option of deactivating the alarm via a wireless button and then addressing the cause.

The State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) imposes the obligation to perform regular calibration of measuring instruments. For this reason, the system enables calibration of thermometers in cooperation with an accredited laboratory.